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Simple tradesmen jumped their counters to become extemporized captains, colonels, and generals, without having ever passed the School of Instruction at West Point; nevertheless; they quickly rivaled their compeers of the old continent, and, like them, carried off victories by dint of lavish expenditure in ammunition, money, and men.
Thousands of his compeers could talk much better than he, at any time.
PL estimates that funds in excess of PS135bn are administered in the Liverpool city region, strengthening its place as number one outside London as confirmed by the Compeer report.
Betty Compeer UE made four UEL sashes to be used at our 2015 conference in Victoria.
The Compeer friendship program, run locally through Coastal Behavioral Healthcare, takes a brilliantly simple approach to that problem: Connect a person with mental health challenges with a volunteer buddy.
Experienced practitioners who are members of eligible compeer organizations may be eligible to earn the ASA designation through the Society's Professional Education Equivalency Certification Program (PEECP).
Book One of Paradise Lost (line 127) mentions the existence of a "bold Compeer," and Blake uses the Miltonic word "compeer" in The Four Zoas (6.
A 2010 report by ComPeer, produced for Professional Liverpool, showed Liverpool's wealth management sector was the largest in the UK outside London.
Proceeds from the event were donated to Compeer of Livingston County, a mental health organization.
With few words he became my friend, my compeer, my beloved adventure.
She founded the San Diego chapter of Compeer International, and is a board member for NAMI-California and The Meeting Place, a clubhouse for people with mental illness.
Nick Hancock, big Stoke fan and compeer for the now much missed They Think It's All Over television programme, was at both.