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As these worthy compeers were on their route to the frontier, they fell in with another expedition, likewise on its way to the mountains.
Thus, the Doll-lady of distinction had wax limbs of perfect symmetry; but only she and her compeers.
Retired attorney Steve VanderClay joined Compeer in 2011 as an advisory board member and volunteer mentor.
Compeer Financial Fund: The Compeer Financial Fund for Rural America, the corporate giving program of Compeer Financial, is now accepting applications for its high school senior scholarship program.
Thanks to Frans and Betty Compeer, our outreach booth was set up at several events.
He is president and CEO of Compeer Financial, which officially launched operations in July 2017 after a year-long merger process involving three Farm Credit Associations: Illinois-based 1st Farm Credit Services, Minnesota's AgStar Financial Services and Wisconsin's Badgerland Financial.
Governor's name and the name of HE Atul Keshap, the Ambassador of the USA in Sri Lanka were announced by the compeer who was the English teacher of the school.
As the collector Louisine Havemeyer said of Cassatt: "It is a great pity that she did not keep his letters, nor write down her impressions of Degas; no one understood him better and she was his compeer in intelligence and art appreciation" (4).
PL estimates that funds in excess of PS135bn are administered in the Liverpool city region, strengthening its place as number one outside London as confirmed by the Compeer report.
The final phase 3 investment of USD35m will be used to develop the eight sections (5120 acres) in the current Compeer asset in Alberta.
Campanian migrants arriving in Adelaide in the immediate post-Second World War period faced multiple challenges for which a number were ill-prepared, notwithstanding the safety net of chain migration and its solid familial and compeer networks.