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Thou wert right to give me knowledge of it,'' said the Grand Master; ``in our presence a Preceptor is but as a common compeer of our Order, who may not walk according to his own will, but to that of his Master even according to the text,
He felt a slight disappointment, however, when he saw that this place was already taken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos signified to him that the state of his household, though great, would not support two servants, and that he must enter into the service of D'Artagnan.
But we were already working on compeers, pen pads, like little laptops in the field.
For the attention of: Greet Compeers (diensthoofd ROM-afdeling Omgeving)
If you are going to learn how to participate in social justice, it would be antithetical to be less than tolerate and supportive of your compeers.
What appears, in an English gentleman (or in Parnell), as an admirable self-restraint is a deficiency in the metrocolonial subject Unlike Farrington, whose hypermasculine an d aggressive manner is celebrated among his compeers, Bloom behaves like a gentleman among a similar group and is roundly castigated.
17) Instead, Quince and his Shakespearean compeers (re)vivify the dead wood of the playhouse by invoking a complex metaphor.
280) Further, measuring unusualness by the availability of a punishment, instead of by its use, fails to account for whether a particular defendant is receiving a harsher punishment than his compeers.
The main character's initial plan is to overthrow the regime in order to establish communism in the country and one of his compeers is the Russian Dimoff (Eliezer Kamenesky), hence suggesting a Soviet connection.
In chapters that examine exhaustively every feature of the poem's design (including the function of the prose marginalia); that suggest Fletcher's borrowings from other allegorists (Spenser, Du Bartas, John Davies of Hereford); that identify Fletcher's relationship to influential philosophical and scientific discourses (Aristotelian, Neoplatonic, Galenic, Paracelsian, Vesalian); and that situate Fletcher with respect to the emerging science of Harvey and his compeers, Mitchell offers, finally, a revisionist defense of The Purple Island as a brilliantly executed, uniquely inventive, allegorically coherent accomplishment.
We must give Madhva the benefit of the doubt," Sharma concluded, "and not indulge in unseemly charges against a stalwart in Indian thought who, whatever his differences with his compeers like Sankara and Ramanuja, was, in every respect, as great, sincere and trustworthy as any of them" (2nd ed.
The late Frederick Rathbone, probably the first Wedgwood expert of his time, wrote in 1907: 'No man did more for the ceramic industry, of the world than Josiah Wedgwood, the great English potter--one who never travelled beyond the limits of Great Britain and yet produced his refined and beautiful works by the help of artists like Flaxman and his compeers.