compel belief

See: convince
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The town and its supporters allege that the prayers are permissible because they are a tradition and that they do not compel belief in Christianity.
872, 877 (1990) (indicating a number of different prohibitions on government conduct as it relates to religious belief, including government's inability to compel belief affirmation or to punish the expression of beliefs it deems false).
And don't you realize that in taking you to the top of the temple and asking you to cast yourself down, performing a miracle that would compel belief, the Tempter was explaining the second great question: To whom will I entrust my conscience?
Just as the Nazis, masters of the spectacle, understood the intimate connection between power and representation, presenting aesthetic displays designed to compel belief, so Uklanski suggests that art is only a specter of absorption proposed to the gaze of the spectator, an idea he connotes in the ultrahigh, mirrorlike gloss of his photographs' surfaces.
His own personal view is that there are some spontaneous cases that justify taking psi seriously but do not compel belief, but he confesses that he personally is not sure whether psi exists.