compel obedience

See: enforce
References in classic literature ?
With ready revolver to compel obedience, she let them up one by one, searching them carefully for concealed weapons as they stood with hands elevated above their heads.
Too many activists are now emboldened by their newfound political power to compel obedience and hound heretics rather than continue their incredibly successful long-term efforts at persuasion.
In other words, the UN was to acquire all of the attributes of a global sovereign, and exercise powers sufficient to compel obedience to its commands.
3) Next, according to commonly accepted senses of the terms, execution is the act or instance of carrying out or performing something, and authority is the power to compel obedience or, in practical application, to issue orders.
That was insightful--authority can rarely compel obedience.
He never hesitated to use physical force to compel obedience.