compel payment

See: excise
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The Department employs collection strategies to encourage and compel payment of delinquent monies owed by matching the right tool with the right account at the right time.
If the debtor does not pay for such goods shipped after the bankruptcy filing, then the seller can assert a right to payment for such goods as an administrative expense priority claim and may seek to compel payment of such claim by filing a motion in the bankruptcy case.
rights holder, the commission would issue a cease and desist order that would compel payment processors (like visa and paypal) and online advertising providers to cease doing business with the foreign site in question.
Though many Americans don't like paying taxes to support Medicare, the federal government's ability to compel payment is on solid legal ground.
The trial judge denied the plaintiffs' motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict (JNOV) and a new trial but granted the defendants' motion to tax costs and compel payment of the defendants' expert witness deposition fees.
Instead of using the law to compel payment of interest on overdue debts, he recommends that suppliers brush up on traditional methods, and sharpen their credit management skills.
He does not claim to have served the United States or the [UST] with a summons, much less to have made a demand on the [UST] for post-judgment interest on his punitive damages award prior to filing his motion to compel payment.
Then you can use the court processes to compel payment.
1273-1 (c) (1) (ii)) only if late payment or nonpayment of the interest is expected to be penalized or if reasonable remedies exist to compel payment.
They placed eight liens seeking more than $800,500 on Crescent Village to compel payment from Arlie.