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He has always been a compeller rather than a cajoler and those who saw him get Forevertheoptimist home at Sandown in July, for example, or Drunken Sailor at Goodwood the same month, can only concede that his reserves of strength remain undiminished by the passing years.
Para que no perezcan del todo las ovejas de xpo careciendo de pastor procuren por todas vias los obispos proveer las parrochias de los yndios, que estuvieren desiertas, y si no hallaren sacerdotes que sepan la lengua, y vayan de buena gana, no dexen por eso de enviar, sacerdotes de buen ejemplo, a los quales podran para ello compeller quando es la necesidad urgente ...
Because their god is described in the Koran as "The Harmer:, "The Avenger", "The Compeller" and "The Imperious", it is Sultan's view that the Islamic people have internalized such labels and have sought to emulate the rudimentary character of their deity.