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Leland, legal counsel for the group, said that, "Absent a compelling government interest to regulate the specific religious activity of a specific religious entity, the federal government must accommodate religious exercise and make exceptions to otherwise applicable laws.
Entering a new epoch, especially one to which sustainability is central, means finding new forms, and rediscovering older ones, to satisfy our many needs--physical, social and psychological--and seeing the utter irrelevance of the compelling objects of the early twenty-first century.
Like Bush's bill, the federal RFRA barred legal interference with religiously motivated conduct in the absence of a compelling government interest.
There is also little compelling evidence to support Riess's confident identification of portraits throughout the chapel or the inferences he draws from their presence.
Congress's general conclusion that DMT is dangerous in the abstract," he said, "does not establish that the government has a compelling interest in prohibiting the consumption of hoasca under the conditions presented here.
The most compelling is in Georgia, where Robin Shahar, a deputy district attorney in Atlanta, was fired from her job after she had a religious ceremony blessing her same-sex union.
Although interrogation strategies that ignore invocations of Miranda rights clearly defy the mandates of the Supreme Court, until recently, courts had not presented any compelling legal reasons to avoid the technique.