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With such strange compelling qualities, is it any wonder that there is abroad an idea that in the race there is some demoniac possession, which tends to a more definite belief that certain individuals have in the past sold themselves to the Devil?
Smallweed, compelling the attendance of the waitress with one hitch of his eyelash, instantly replies as follows: "Four veals and hams is three, and four potatoes is three and four, and one summer cabbage is three and six, and three marrows is four and six, and six breads is five, and three Cheshires is five and three, and four half-pints of half-and-half is six and three, and four small rums is eight and three, and three Pollys is eight and six.
As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river below me, I felt again the strange, compelling influence of the mighty god of war, my beloved Mars, which for ten long and lonesome years I had implored with outstretched arms to carry me back to my lost love.
if we could abstain from asking anything of them, from asking their praise, or help, or pity, and content us with compelling them through the virtue of the eldest laws
I know well - and I by no means count upon compelling you, my dear monsieur.
Georgios Sianos to Present Compelling Results Demonstrating Effectiveness of AngioJet[R] Treatment, Company Also Hosting Coronary Thrombus Management and Peripheral Vascular Disease Sessions
By integrating muvee's technology into the NuCORE CleanCapture[TM] SiP-1280 digital image processor, both companies will demonstrate how end users will be able to automatically and instantly create compelling photo slideshows that are paced to music and ready for on-screen viewing in HD quality.
Family Dollar has an outstanding leadership team, and it is a privilege to work with them as we pursue our mission of providing our customers with a more compelling place to shop, our Associates with a more compelling place to work and our investors with a more compelling place to invest," said Jim Kelly, President and Chief Operating Officer.
Maven Media System makes it fast and efficient for media companies to deliver highly scalable, engaging and profitable Internet TV channels that drive compelling consumer experiences, increase media consumption and enable broadband video monetization.
With consumer demand for Internet TV skyrocketing, media and entertainment companies are constantly challenged by the costs and technical complexities associated with rapidly transferring large media libraries online, integrating with existing business systems and workflow processes, and creating compelling and engaging consumer experiences.
Maven Media System makes it fast and easy for media companies to launch highly scalable, engaging and profitable Internet TV channels that deliver compelling consumer experiences, increase media consumption and drive broadband video monetization.
Created in response to demand from users, web developers and affinity groups, TagWorld is the first social network to provide an open API (application programming interface) that gives third party developers and content providers the ability to deliver compelling content and applications to their users.