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Such premiums can be obtained from other carriers or from Best's Flitcraft Compend.
To see how promised returns compare with actual historical performance you should consult the "Historical Policy Data" of Best's Flitcraft Compend.
We calculated these indexes using formulas from Best's Flitcraft Compend (A.
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The decision-maker must choose among a non-random set of seven life insurance contracts, two yearly renewable term to age 75 contracts, three whole life contracts, and two universal life contracts where (1) the policy data were obtained from the 1989 edition of Best's Flitcraft Compend, and (2) insurer's financial strength is approximated by its Best's Rating which were obtained from the 1989 Best's Reports: Life and Health Edition.
The data used in the present study were collected from Best's Flitcraft Compend 1984 [2].
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Prevention and treatment of Dilantin-associ-ated gingival enlargement, Compend Cont Ed Dent 14 (1990), 506-10.
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Examples are textbook, manuals, and handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, almanacs, yearbooks, gazetteers, treatises, and compends.