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The Compendium has been distributed to Healogics' 4,000 affiliated physicians and will be distributed to thousands more who entrust their patients care to Healogics Wound Care Centers across the country.
The 2016 Compendium also includes important changes to the recommended management of dogs and cats exposed to rabies and a reduction of the recommended quarantine period for certain species.
All volumes of the Compendium are also available to the public on the web site of the Aurora Research Institute (ARI).
We trust that you will find this compendium of use and value to you, your trustees, and all members of your college community.
The NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium (NCCN Compendium) is a resource outlining appropriate use of drugs and biologics as recommended in the NCCN Guidelines.
Considering the dynamic nature of most websites and the changes that occur frequently as content is updated, the Copyright Office requires that the registration of a website reflects the content that existed at the time "the application for registration was received." To help website owners understand how to effectively register their website copyright as well as what content is copyrightable, the new compendium includes 20 pages of tips on the subject.
The new compendium is intended to facilitate an understanding of the relationship between the regulations and the ASME standards.
Editors Mary Lou Tortorello, PhD, and APHA member Yvonne Salfinger, MS, gave the compendium its first update since 2001.
For the previous years, Valve offered "Dota 2" players the opportunity to buy a Compendium for the tournament, which also grants the players access to live streams of regional qualifiers and the tournament.
'Compendium on Projects of National Police Mission' contains various projects of Community Policing, Community Counseling Centers, Police-Community Partnership, Transparent Recruitment Process, Support to Police Stations, Communication and Technology, etc.
Among veterans with disabilities ages 18 to 64, almost 18% live below the poverty line according to the Annual Compendium of Disability Statistics.