compensate for loss

See: indemnify
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His lawyers were keen to land a settlement which not only reflected his loss of earnings - which would amount to around PS750,000 - but also to compensate for loss of face after losing such a high-profile job.
It has been reported that Trierweiler, 48, negotiated a financial settlement with Hollande to compensate for loss of status and her loss of earnings since abandoning part of her journalistic career when he became president 20 months ago.
In reduced sugar formulations, the flavourings compensate for loss of body, mouthfeel and sweetness.
The power plant is a key element for utility customer satisfaction and will compensate for loss of production incurred from permanent facilities breakdowns.
We understand that recruitment awards are often used to compensate for loss of bonus from the incoming directors previous job.
The agreement states that: all Thomson Airways pilots will take a pay cut of up to 5%, depending on their rank, in return for a guarantee from the airline that there will be no compulsory redundancies; additional days off will be given to pilots to compensate for loss of pay; and voluntary redundancies will be offered to pilots who wish to take it.
Virgin Media will also seek damages if an agreement cannot be reached to compensate for loss of customers it claims have left as a result of the dispute.
Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has advised former Flight Lieutenant Cliff Wenzel, DFC, AFC, a veteran of Europe and Korea, that he has been awarded over a million dollars to compensate for loss of a reduced pension denied him in 1961 Wenzel's application was unjustly turned down by a "desk jockey" who reportedly had a dislike to him.
The minister had reportedly told the companies that the Swedish government would propose a new law which would force the power companies to compensate for loss of power to their customers.
The drivers want a pay rise to compensate for loss of income caused by an EU directive limiting overtime.
However, the balance of the payment could not be deducted, because the parties did not show they intended it to compensate for loss.