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Bank of Cyprus, which absorbed Laiki's operations in March 2013, has repeatedly rejected compensating bondholders without however, ruling out exceptions related to "humanitarian cases".
The differences between the old ways of compensating executives and the new PFP models can be dramatic in terms of how much variability there is in potential compensation," Portal noted.
These are established operational practices where the types of vulnerabilities and threats are fairly well known, and the processes for remediation and compensating controls are well established.
It would be easy at this point to conclude that the study itself did not provide much useful data, but I think this program highlighted a very critical area that has not been considered much in flight testing--test pilots may not be able to gauge how much they are compensating.
That's why group leaders must accept the idea of recognizing and compensating individual behavior when structuring pay for their partners.
Did Americans, by compensating, become less anxious, less isolated?
A deformable mirror or perhaps contact lenses designed with an adaptive optics system could also improve a person's vision by compensating for such aberrations, the researchers suggest.