compensation for injury

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In normal circumstances people have a maximum of three years in which to claim compensation for injury, but this doesn't apply to "minors": in their case the three-year time limit clock starts ticking on their eighteenth birthday.
ANSWER: The employees are legally entitled for medical care and compensation for injury sustained, and such benefits, as per the labour law, shall not be waived on any grounds.
He awarded Mr Blower a total of PS10,016, which included holiday and notice pay and compensation for injury to his feelings.
Prior research estimate that lifelong compensation for injury caused by birth asphyxia averages about [euro]4330,000 ($574,000) in Norway, with costs more than 10 times higher in the U.S.
"Lack of any realistic, adequate compensation for injury or death of workers in their places of work or in their accommodation has long been a source of deep concern and regret for the MWPS.
Workers' compensation costs - such as medical expenses, paid sick time and compensation for injury - come out of the city's coffers.
An official of Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry on Sunday told that the governments of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab have spent the said amount for the welfare of the workers engaged in exploring of coal, salt and precious stones by providing them facilities including medical care, dispensaries/ hospitals, free medicine, ambulance service, residential accommodation, water supply and compensation for injury and death at workplace.
"There is a real need to act to put an end to today's legal patchwork and to enable consumers to obtain compensation for injury suffered," declared French Conservative Philippe Juvin.
Three more men who claim to have been attacked in the original incident have told the lawyer representing the Indians that they will file a civil case seeking compensation for injury.
Systems in existence include: proceedings for injunctive relief (legal proceedings which tend to obtain the cessation of an illegal behaviour) and actions for damages (claims which tend to obtain compensation for injury caused), and can take many different forms.
Upon his attending a celebration on International Workers' Day, Mujawar confirmed that the government is seeking to ensure all rights for workers, including the rights to work in a safe working environment, compensation for injury at work and insurance, which guarantees the decent living for workers and their families in the case of retirement or injury leading to disability or death.
Simon Bond, head of employment at Midlands law firm Challinors, said: "New guidelines have been established for Employment Tribunals on setting levels of compensation for injury to feelings in discrimination cases.

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