compensation for injury

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Because product liability can involve such a high level of expertise in order to navigate through the exceptions, nuisance, and technical complexities of the law, an individual seeking compensation for injury or loss should seek the services of only the most proven attorneys like Cameron Yadidi Brock at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock.
He awarded Mr Blower a total of PS10,016, which included holiday and notice pay and compensation for injury to his feelings.
Lack of any realistic, adequate compensation for injury or death of workers in their places of work or in their accommodation has long been a source of deep concern and regret for the MWPS.
Workers' compensation costs - such as medical expenses, paid sick time and compensation for injury - come out of the city's coffers.
An official of Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry on Sunday told that the governments of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab have spent the said amount for the welfare of the workers engaged in exploring of coal, salt and precious stones by providing them facilities including medical care, dispensaries/ hospitals, free medicine, ambulance service, residential accommodation, water supply and compensation for injury and death at workplace.
Three more men who claim to have been attacked in the original incident have told the lawyer representing the Indians that they will file a civil case seeking compensation for injury.
Upon his attending a celebration on International Workers' Day, Mujawar confirmed that the government is seeking to ensure all rights for workers, including the rights to work in a safe working environment, compensation for injury at work and insurance, which guarantees the decent living for workers and their families in the case of retirement or injury leading to disability or death.
Simon Bond, head of employment at Midlands law firm Challinors, said: "New guidelines have been established for Employment Tribunals on setting levels of compensation for injury to feelings in discrimination cases.
A WOMAN watched a TV ad about claiming compensation for injury then lied that a police officer had assaulted her.
The central London tribunal awarded Dean 7,800 pounds as compensation for injury to her feelings, 1,077.
Rejecting her claim for racial or religious discrimination but agreeing that Mrs Reay had been discriminated against on the grounds of sex, chairman of the panel Barrie Speker awarded her a total of pounds 4,850, including pounds 535 in compensation for constructive dismissal, pounds 2,125 in unpaid wages, pounds 401 in holiday pay and pounds 500 compensation for injury to feelings.
Widman and the Center for Justice and Democracy, however, maintain that the current workers' compensation system is neither sufficient nor efficient compensation for injury, as the system is looking more like a "shield for employers and insurance companies to retain ever-higher profits at the expense of workers.

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