compensation for labor

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At present, thanks to the intervention of the prosecutor's office, the management company has fully paid employees compensation for labor.
A range of factors, including a lack of sufficient monetary compensation for labor, shortage of health facilities, civic facilities, education, and government support along with natural hazards have adversely affected rice growers.
In Brazil, such an issue has also come to the attention of franchisors due to recent labor actions by the employees of franchisees that attempt to seek compensation for labor liability from the franchisors regarding certain labor obligations and payments, which have not been duly paid by the franchisees.
The idea of ownership is a different concept, however, and not necessarily tied to compensation for labor, though some firms do reward people with equity in the company.
Compensation for labor or personal services performed in the United States is treated as gross income from sources within the United States, and compensation for labor or personal services performed outside the United States is treated as gross income from sources without the United States (Secs.
The authors examine changes in compensation for labor and physical capital, as well as changes in the distribution of household income during two different periods of productivity growth, 1973-95 and 1996-2006, when annual productivity growth averaged 1.4 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively.
Economic theory suggests that changes in productivity should affect compensation for labor and physical capital, the two main inputs for production.
In January 2005, the Supreme Court set a precedent saying such proceeds are compensation for labor and a part of salary.
Flanagan merely assumes that the average Atlantic reader will surely see just how evil is the act of offering someone less well off than you compensation for labor.
"Pay differences across the retail industry reflect a number of factors, including compensation for labor in different segments, as well as the profitability--or margins--of a given segment," says Steven E.
Hourly compensation for labor has risen in each of the past four years, but productivity improvements have offset these costs, which means that unit labor costs have not changed over this time frame.
fee paid to the vendor shall include full compensation for labor, equipment and tool use, travel, and any other cost to the Contractor, except for parts and materials.

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