compensation for loss

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In the last election campaign President Anastasiades made promises based on this proposal and a figure of e1/4100 million was bandied about as compensation for loss of use of property, Famagusta mayor Alexis Galanos said.
Under this, meeting compensation will be EUR300 per meeting, compensation for loss of working time will be EUR300 for meeting and proceeding dates, fee of the chairman of the board of directors wlll be EUR4,700 per month, fee of the deputy chairman will be EUR2,500 per month, fee of a member of the board of directors will be EUR2,000 per month and travel allowance will be according to the company's travel policy.
Addressing a ceremony held here said that indeed there is no compensation for loss of precious human lives however these cheques of mere amount are just a gesture of cohesion of Punjab government with bereft families.
Nearby, at another university in Bath, vice-chancellor Christina Slade retired in August with a final salary in 2016/17 of PS250,000, plus a one-off payment of PS429,000 'compensation for loss of office', a PS20,000 housing allowance, PS20,000 of other benefits and pension contributions of PS89,000.
And they put a new offer on the table, doubling the compensation for loss of earnings from one year to two and delaying the implementation of the changes to April 2017.
"The company's offer of compensation for loss of property has been turned down by the tribes.
The rugby Park club are demanding compensation for loss of income after a plea - made weeks earlier - for a home game a week on Saturday was ignored.
A spokeswoman for BT said: "If he'd had a business line he would be entitled to claim compensation for loss of earnings.
Mr Bansel said the duo may get compensation for loss of overtime but the case was to end unfairness.
The European Commission may legitimately represent the EU before a national court in a civil action for compensation for loss caused by participants in a cartel, ruled the EU Court of Justice (Grand Chamber), on 6 November (Case C-199/11 Otis and others).
But former deputy director general Mark Byford received pounds 949,000 as compensation for loss of office.

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