compensation owed

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A Greek Cypriot has appealed to the Council of Europe (CoE)'s Committee of Ministers for compensation owed to him by Turkey for a property he lost during the Turkish invasion of 1974 be deducted from aid funds the latter receives to host EU refugees.
But Brett Wildridge, defending, said it would be unfair for the court to speculate on any figure of compensation owed to River Island because the firm had never confirmed the cost of repairs.
At trial, both the gas station and the State offered appraisal testimony to prove the value of the land before and after the taking, which would determine the amount of compensation owed to the gas station.
In 2015, the State of Kuwait has renewed its agreement to postpone the compensation owed by Iraq to Kuwait for one year.
Employees are demanding the full payment of salaries and compensation owed.
The reasoning behind the concept is that contracting parties are not required to deliberate about the quantum of the damages incurred after the breach occurs; the compensation owed for damages is agreed beforehand.
I hold the power of attorney for a colleague who died recently and I follow up the compensation owed to him.
A common assumption in many areas of law, including discussions of emergency destruction, is that the amount of compensation owed in any given case must be either full compensation (if the plaintiff prevails) or zero compensation (if the defendant prevails).
The US administration has urged the nation's Supreme Court to reject an appeal made by Iran with regard to compensation owed to terror victims.
The midfielder this week wrapped up his transfer from Cork City after a delay due to compensation owed to the Rebels.
Judge Stacey gave Martin Butterworth, defending, 14 days to calculate the compensation owed to each complainant.
In her decision, Shabtini also tasked the "Central Fund for the Displaced to pay compensation owed to the occupants, and tasked the Office of Operations for the Displaced in Mount Lebanon to execute the decision in coordination with the ministry in order to hand over the houses to their rightful owners.

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