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The ICSID tribunal previously reached a decision on jurisdiction and liability in 2017, but did not rule on the amount of compensation owed by Pakistan until July 12.
In the case of this data leak from 1111 Job Bank, 200,000 records at the minimum amount of rate of NT$500 per person would equal to NT$100 million in compensation owed to the victims.
In addition to compensation owed to passengers, a CTA Designated Enforcement Officer has issued a penalty of $694,500 against the airline.
Where Count III of a plaintiff's complaint alleges that the defendants violated the Wage Act by "failing to pay all compensation owed to Plaintiff within six days after the end of the pay period during which the wages were earned," that count must be dismissed, as the plaintiff cannot base a Rule 23 Wage Act class action on alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
20, 2018, the court held a bench trial to determine the just compensation owed to the non-responding defendants for the property condemned.
Nicosia is preparing a draft bill to counter Turkish arguments that it is not ready to distribute the compensation owed by Ankara to the relatives of missing persons, worth e1/430m.
Travel, said: "The airline must do the right thing by their customers and pay the compensation owed."
The increase of flight disruption compensation owed is due to many different factors, one being a ruling made by the European Court of Justice earlier this year which established that strikes among airline staff no longer can be considered extraordinary circumstances that would free the airline from being held responsible for work stoppages--or from its legal obligation to make it up to passengers.
Proceedings are underway to determine the amount of compensation owed to ConocoPhillips.
Ian Whiteley, mitigating, said: "He said to the police that there were more shavers taken and the amount of compensation owed was more.
'The land owners were to settle all the outstanding costs to banks on their land and the sale proceeds would be used to pay the compensation owed to the settlers,' Sivarasa, Khalid and Dzulkefly said.
Referring to the damages incurred by River Island, she added: "A store assistant said the cost of the floor-toceiling pillar would be several thousand pounds." But Brett Wildridge, defending, said it would be unfair for the court to speculate on any figure of compensation owed to River Island because the firm had never confirmed the cost of repairs.

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