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Two compensative categories of strategy--the work change organization improving strategies and an income security strategy--are built to direct our empirical survey.
Meanwhile it is the compensative strategies that the ankle dorsiflexion moments and hip extension summit rockets sharply.
However, as far as individual direct and indirect sub-strategies are concerned, two significant differences were found: (i) male and female proficient readers used compensative strategies differentially, with females using these strategies more frequently; The same also held for less proficient readers, but in this case, it was the male group that used these strategies more frequently; and (ii) only in the case of proficient readers did male readers use affective strategies more frequently.
In addition to this, with its compensative features, self-healing minimizes network outage times for the end-users.
Now, we are evolving our agenda to develop an integrated and compensative look of how we will achieve sustainability across the basin to the Great Lakes and St.
The flexible metallic couplings are systems used in power transmissions for several specific main advantages between the similar compensative couplings: great flexibility to assume the possible different deviations and high transmitted power.
From his point of view, religious congregations offer a battery of services to their parishioners as a compensative response to daily economic deprivations.
These two big scientific discoveries and their success in economic terms will lengthen the oil era and help compensative for the two big challenges facing the petroleum industry: the discovery of a limited amount of giant fields in recent years to make up for the loss in current production, and the issue of pollution, which is worrying public opinion around the world.
The decrease in income tax progressivity and dismantling of inheritance taxes in the twenty-first century have been justified on the basis of compensative justice and allocative efficiency.
38), sicuramente leciti sotto ii profilo etico (l'humanum) e di per se non contrari alla dignita umana, si nota come <<sussiste il fondato pericolo che siano enfatizzati i tratti anomali della personalita, senza una sufficiente considerazione delle capacita compensative della persona>>, al punto che tali tecniche non possono escludere il colloquio diretto col Periziando.
With regard to the regulation of survival pathway, using dot blotting, we found cardiac insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and IGF-1 receptor mRNA levels to be significantly increased, indicating that compensative effects of IGF-1 survival signaling could occur.