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In order to remove the regularity of the IPDs of covert channels introduced by dot-based quantization, compensative quantization strategy is employed to achieve the tradeoff between undetectability and robustness.
Besides the decoding error resulting from the compensative quantization strategy, the gap between the actual centroid shift and the target centroid shift is the inevitable obstacle for further improving the robustness.
Islamabad -- The National Assembly (NA) Committee on States and Frontiers on Monday expressed displeasure over not provision of announced compensative amount to the relatives of martyred Levies personnel who sacrificed their lives in ongoing war against terrorism.
The lower expression of the receptor observed in G carriers [9-11], together with the results of studies suggesting increasing consumption rates in G carriers have led to the so-called "opioid receptor deficiency theory" This theory proposes that a lower amount of receptor would lead to increases in alcohol intake with compensative ends.
In patients, early stages of DCM are marked by a deterioration of longitudinal systolic function, a compensative elevated radial function, and diastolic dysfunction [1].
The subject was placed on the dynamometer (with 105[degrees] of hip flexion) and the body fixed by straps around the thigh, waist and chest to avoid compensative movement.
Bondage and captivity in angriness's net cause occur some happens that are not compensative. Some of these goings on that are likely appear in the consequence of uncontrolled angriness, is manslaughter or mutilation, works that maybe do just crazy men.
Moreover, all these enzymes, like CEA, are increased in the serum of patients suffering from various liver diseases; this may be due in part to hepatocellular damage accompanied by compensative hyperplasia.
But there is also a compensative path for N atom loss according to Reaction (11) by electron collision on the [N.sub.2] molecules:
This might be an important avenue of future research on optimizing spasticity for maximizing mobility in MS, particularly given that spasticity can represent a compensative mechanism for weakness that is associated with walking impairment in MS.
These include items related to compensative absences; pensions; other postemployment benefits; termination benefits; landfill closure and postclosure costs; pollution remediation; investment, including derivatives; and effective hedging arrangements.
Compensative effects of chemical regulation with uniconazole on physiological damages caused by water deficiency during the grain filling stage of wheat.