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The sources underlined that 50 percent of the approved compensatory funds would be disbursed among the affectees who totally lost their residential buildings.
This indicated that grower olive flounder could achieve full compensatory growth after 4week feed deprivation at suboptimal temperature in this study.
Over several years, we have faced numerous plant-identification challenges for certain species; in-field and in-class discussions (Figure 3) on plant compensatory growth have generated a list of unexpected research questions and interesting ideas.
Can a compensatory award be reduced by the Employment Tribunal?
Such mitigation is referred to as compensatory wetland mitigation and is performed on-site and off-site of the proposed project.
123, Share-Based Payment (SFAS 123r); the compensatory nature of the warrants must be determined for financial reporting purposes.
17 awarded the 62-year-old Barnett $50 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.
There were no statistical significances between compensatory needs, life skills, basic skills, and content area curriculum training.
To help achieve the goal of no net loss, the Corps can require compensatory mitigation, such as restoring a former wetland, as a condition of a permit when the loss of wetlands is unavoidable.
First, owners must understand the difference between consequential damages and compensatory damages.
A jury verdict awarded the former prisoner $1,500 in compensatory damages but no punitive damages.
4 million in compensatory damages and another $65 million in punitive charges.