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Compensatory growth response of Sparus aurata following different starvation and refeeding protocols.
Effect of Restricted Feeding Regimes on Compensatory Growth and Body Composition of Red Sea Bream, Pagrus major.
Considering these points in view, the present study was planned to assess the optimum time of restriction, compensatory growth period and effects of time restriction and different feed restriction regimes on nutrient digestibility and economics in terms of feed efficiency, profitability and growth performance in 4 close-bred stocks of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) maintained under local environmental conditions of Pakistan during hot season.
Compensatory growth can occur when the organisms suffer from stresses in nutrition (Dmitriew & Rowe 2005), salt (Squires et al.
This investigation examined how behaviors are altered during compensatory growth after dietary restriction in a snake species.
KEY WORDS: nursery, bioflocs, compensatory growth, Litopenaeus vannamei, stocking densities
Physical and chemical components of the empty body during compensatory growth in beef steers.
However, compensatory growth usually occurs on re-alimentation due to a complex interplay of hormonal and nutritional factors [14, 22, 23].
The fish use this strategy, called compensatory growth, to ensure that they mature to the same size as males that developed normally.
At the moment of birth pangs in women in childbirth with insufficiency of mitral valve there was the decrease of CO, compensatory growth of CR and essential decrease of cardiac output up to 5.

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