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Once the confidential information has been disclosed, new consideration is generally required for a promise not to compete by the employee.
On August 1 a 2, 977 candidates will compete for 20 positions at the customs administration in Varna.
Several foundry sources say that due to unrelenting pressure from offshore businesses, it is becoming more difficult to compete head on.
In determining the correct value of the covenant not to compete, the court used the standard nine-factor test:
Consumers buy insurance online based almost exclusively on price, according to a new study by Compete Inc.
Pursuant to the Agreement, T acquired A's goodwill and A entered into a covenant not to compete in connection with the sale of goodwill in exchange for a monthly payment.
Dot-com and service companies compete in Tel Aviv and Ramallah and those cities' economies thrive.
And since Ontario is a national economic actor, it would be folly for this jurisdiction not to compete to attract production since it has so many comparative advantages already.
Mildred started competing in race/walking when a friend challenged her to compete in the Alongi Race in Detroit, Michigan.
Meanwhile, other polyolefins technologies have been developing at an accelerated pace, some resulting in commercialization of elastomeric products that can compete against EP elastomers in a number of applications.
Third, our customers most likely have an in-house fabricating plant, but they do not know how much it actually costs them to produce the weldments with which we compete.