compete for

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Cassandra has a following and seven cities compete for the honor of
and we must do so in a world in which we must compete for every opportunity.
On Tuesday, a total of 927 will compete for 20 positions in Burgas.
Scheduled to compete for Canyons are: Lisa Andrade, Konrad Antoniuk, Asencio, Roxy Camuso, Michael Chiu, Colvin, Jordan Danny, Garcia, Chelsea Griffiths, Askhaun Hami, Maggie Hanson, Kasey Hartsock, Hwang, Hanna Kim, Rachael Krager, Ryan Kristensen, Livingstone, Lizette Patterson, Pedrini, Sarah Pino, Kaitlyn Salovich, Adriana Silva, Chris Weber and Justin Wellins.
Why not let Israeli and Palestinian national governments compete for the wallets, if not the hearts and minds, of Palestinian Quarter and downtown East Jerusalem residents?
The division between H and P was acrimonious and strained, and we are satisfied that P could have made a strong effort to compete for the 180 clients transferred to H.
Exhibit 2 above illustrates how a prospective CPA firm's owners might assess market attractiveness and ability to compete for each of four services.
Marilyn Cooley, of WETA-FM, and owner of Nova Holistic Animal Care, who will compete for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.
Of the 80 swimmers selected to compete for two-time defending champion Southern California, 16 were from the region.
At this early stage of development, multiple business models compete for dominance in China's m-payment sector.
This year she received an international release to compete for the United States.
Racers will compete for more than $50,000 in scholarship awards in three racing divisions.