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2-6 at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center, 24 of the club's swimmers will travel to Bakersfield to compete Thursday through Sunday in the Western Gold Sectional Championships.
Several foundry sources say that due to unrelenting pressure from offshore businesses, it is becoming more difficult to compete head on.
The Japanese automakers and machine tool builders and construction equipment manufacturers have set an unbelievably high standard with which our customers are to compete.
Brown said it is important to keep the program going because it is the only such event that allows runners of all ages and abilities to compete in an informal environment.
It's nice to be able to compete with these girls I've been watching jump for years since youth track.
Drivers compete side-by-side on a prescribed course, trying to mimic and outdo each other's drifts.
Dallas will soon travel north to Fresno to compete in two tournaments, and if he wins, he will qualify to participate in the Junior Olympic Games taking place the end of July in Michigan.