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In her mind's eye, as she lounged there, surrounded by every luxurious accessory that wealth could obtain or invention devise, she saw the fair bosom that beat in unison with the exultation of her thoughts, competing with the bosom that had been famous so long, outshining it, and deposing it.
Bear with a wretch, Lavinia, bear with a wretch, ma'am, who feels the noble sacrifices you make for him, but is goaded almost to madness,' Mr Sampson slapped his forehead, 'when he thinks of competing with the rich and influential.
Thousands of Bulgarians are competing for a total of 151 jobs at the Customs Agency.
Historically, many of these agreements also attempted to keep former employees from competing with the agency in any way whatsoever.
Bruyere acknowledged the program is still in its infancy and is years away from fielding teams capable of competing against elite East Coast programs.
In his letter, Goozner suggested that I may have failed to disclose a competing financial interest in regard to an article published in EHP.
And retirement asset management and accounting, under pressure from mutual funds and defined contribution plans, are equal to the task of tracking which individuals residing in disputed territories might at different times in their lives switch citizenship back and forth between two competing governments.
She has won two silver medals in the 5K race/walk competition at the World Veterans Athletics Championships (WAVA), and she has been competing at the world level since 1991.
New processes and catalysts that promise cheaper, more consistent products, new materials capable of competing in some segments with EP elastomers, the possibility of synthesizing new types of olefins-based elastomers, new applications that test the performance limits of EP elastomers, recent regional shortages of material - all these factors combine to make the EP elastomers industry a challenging one in which to participate.