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While China in this process has become a must-win market for the titanic multinational companies, the global influence and competitiveness of Chinese brands have also been largely bolstered.
6) for the year 2015 to establish the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) under the UAE Cabinet.
6) for the year 2015, the new authority - to be based in Dubai - effectively replaces the National Bureau of Statistics and the Emirates Competitiveness Council, by integrating the functions of both the entities.
The 2014 European Competitiveness Report 'Helping Firms Grow' gives a quantitative assessment of the competitive performance of EU industries and provides empirical answers to important questions in the industrial policy debate.
The Manufacturing Competitiveness Report 2014 found that Delhi has done well on all the 4 factors of manufacturing competitiveness.
The poll would be undertaken during February and March to learn more about how economic policy and regulations and various aspects of the business environment influence the nation's competitiveness.
Professor Bris, who is Spanish, has been a professor of Finance at IMD since 2005 and frequently comments in global media on competitiveness issues.
Dr Joseph Wilson, Chairman CCP, while addressing the seminar said that competitiveness was essential to achieve sustainable economic growth which in turn would rid the country of poverty.
The report's contributors, including economic advisors and government officials in China, analyze the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each G20 nation's innovation competitiveness, using the G20 National Innovation Competitiveness Evaluation Indicator System.
The UK and France in particular are losing their dominant position and competitive clout, while The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland need to adapt their competitiveness models to a changing environment.
The Mishal, a country partner institute of the Center for Global Competitiveness and Performance at the World Economic Forum, is working closely with key institutions in Pakistan on identifying the gaps and opportunities on improving competitiveness issues for long term economic growth, said a statement here.
The UAE has jumped 12 places -- from 28 in 2011 to 16 -- in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012, marking the greatest ranking increase among the world's 59 most advanced countries.