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Adam Alper and Mike De Vries, IP lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis, recently sat down with Inside Counsel to discuss the significance of competitor cases in the IP world.
Furthermore, during this extra time period, the competitor was able to conduct tests it claimed it had already performed.
Institutions that are at the top of their competitor set in terms of sticker price, but toward the bottom in terms of prestige measures, typically face significant challenges in meeting their enrollment goals.
Their competitors launch major advertising campaigns against them, focusing on their program's lack of experience.
Even when armed with such information, opportunities for insurers to differentiate themselves from competitors are limited.
I do care about ethics, but when my competitor reveals his subscriber list, it's difficult not to take advantage of that error.
For example, if a firm and its competitor both cater to the high-priced segment of a market, but the competitor has a stronger reputation, the firm may try to bolster its reputation through advertising and increased emphasis on product quality in order to match its competitor's reputation.
It does not have to offer competitors a stripped-down version of its OSes that they can alter.
Communicators polled for this survey recognize the need for information about outside trends, business developments and stakeholder perceptions to monitor and anticipate market conditions and competitive forces, to stay current with best practices and to identify and plan responses to competitor actions, as frequently as daily.
One part of the agreement created a competitor in the long-distance market, free to introduce new technologies.