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COMPILATION. A literary production, composed of the works of others, and arranged in some methodical manner.
     2. When a compilation requires in its execution taste, learning, discrimination and intellectual labor, it 'is an object of copyright; as, for example, Bacon's Abridgment. Curt. on Copyr. 186.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The proposed compilation standard is designed to provide clarity.
This author's firm is just as guilty as any of performing compilations, just because it's been done for the same clients for over 30 years.
Each parameter under the counting, result compilation and transmission of results, including strict legal requirements of transparency of compilation of statement of vote count, availability of results to polling agents and display at polling stations, efficiency and accuracy of the transmission of election results from polling stations to the returning officers, transparency of consolidation of results at RO level and efficiency and accuracy of transmission of results from ROs to the ECP has been called into question.
Madonna had never allowed any of her tracks to appear on a Now compilation until her song Into The Groove featured on the series' 30th anniversary edition.
Pursuant to BOA Resolution 68-206, CPAs who have filed with the Professional Regulation Commission their applications for accreditation for CPA in commerce and industry and which are still pending in the PRC, can already sign the Certificate of Compilation. They will just need to indicate in such certificate the information that 'application filed on [date] and pending in PRC.'
He was of the view that the PBS should install more scanners and computers to speed up its data compilation process.
At the beginning of last year they released their first Massa Confusa Presents compilation, featuring acts who they had performed with the previous year.
DJ Ravin is the mastermind behind the Buddha Bar compilation albums and imprinted his unique fusion style on several compilations released by George V Records, including Bushido Bahrain's own compilation album Geisha that was released in 2013.
The Compilation of the Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature; 2 volume set
This new statement presents general principles intended to help accountants better understand professional responsibilities when performing engagements in accordance with SSARS, introduces a new financial statement preparation service (called "preparations") and makes significant changes to compilation and review engagements.