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The proposal would require CPAs who prepare financial statements, but are not engaged to perform a compilation, review, or audit engagement, to request that management include a label or notation that makes clear that the financial statements were not audited, reviewed, or compiled.
Also, the standards for compilations and review engagements have been separated.
The NME c86 compilations, given away free on the NME years back, are the stuff of legend.
Revises the definition of compilation of financial statements in paragraph 100.
Dramatic practice changes have occurred over the past few years in regard to associations with financial statements under compilation and review standards.
5) Rhino's five-disc compilation, ``Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection,'' is a compilation of soundtracks and novelty sci-fi songs.
com, the sole provider of custom compilation videogame demo CDs and software compilation CDs, has a similar program offering gaming sites and portals the opportunity to sell custom compilation videogame demo and software CDs, pre-selected compilation CDs, and software mini-stores created and maintained through an online store, by Volatile Media Inc.
Consumers will get another sampling of some of television's best loved sitcoms when Warner Home Video (WHV) releases the third wave of its compilation series, "TV Favorites," June 27, 2006.
The standard's effective date is for compilations and reviews of financial statements for periods ending on or after Dec.
Regulation 87(c) states that, "Course subject matter must pertain to financial statement preparation and/or reporting (whether such statements are prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles or other comprehensive bases of accounting), auditing, reviews, compilations, industry accounting, attestation services, or assurance services.
Perfect Beat carried the latest CD singles, club hits, and DJ compilations.
Music fans are in the market for creative compilations and fewer tedious, 18-song CDs by a single artist, said Paco Underhill, managing director of the Manhattan consumer research firm Envirosell.