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COMPILATION. A literary production, composed of the works of others, and arranged in some methodical manner.
     2. When a compilation requires in its execution taste, learning, discrimination and intellectual labor, it 'is an object of copyright; as, for example, Bacon's Abridgment. Curt. on Copyr. 186.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Is Fagan and Best obligated to compile these financial statements?
1 - We are going to compile our game for more than one architecture, since the framework doesn't compile for x86 and armeabi-v7a by default.
Iran has also compiled an international standard and is going to compile two more international standards."
In asking Shinko Securities to compile false estimates, the former Nomura employee demanded that Shinko submit estimates that conformed with the advisory firm's calculations, the sources said.
(The accountant might consider it necessary to perform other accounting services to compile the financial information.)
SSARS 14 expands SSARS to apply when an accountant is engaged to compile or issues a compilation report on pro forma financial information.
Compile the list of businesses for the guide; consider an alphabetical listing by type of business or geographic location.
* Develop a way to track and compile information about each news media contact made with Xcel Energy.
To compile information that may be useful for predicting the development of allergies, we determined whether there were any statistically significant associations between the presence of particular HLA molecules and responses to the epitope peptides.
Altera's Quartus software, version 2000.09, features the new PowerFit fitter technology that delivers higher design performance (fMAX), reduced compile times, and improved fitting.
Once the national UCR Program receives the data, the Program staff compile these data in tables and discuss them in narrative comments that address the volume and types of bias-motivated criminal incidents.
* The Egg Board helped pay for the University of Arizona researchers to compile the studies.