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The dataset is compiled in Excel, allowing for easy data manipulation and customization by clients.
Scientists had compiled a long-term climate record for southeastern Australia by analyzing the caves' stalactites.
An example of a custom software package is one compiled from separate modules, such as a payroll program compiled for a particular user to their specifications and written through the use of separate modules, such as the federal module, California module, Mississippi module (or any other state or country) with a specifically designed user reporting package.
Beckett compiled minor breaks of 12,15 and 14 with McDermott replying with breaks of 14,15 and 18.
13) He compiled this table not only because he was a Muslim but because he was a mathematician and a Muslim.
Edited and compiled by musician and Shaw University professor Dr.
Another advantage of the compiled approach: You have the opportunity to incorporate subtle plugs and reminders.
HAVING SPENT HALF of our waking hours between November and January researching the special features in our end-of-the-century retrospectives, we felt it was only fitting to research the one high-school record that has never ceased to amaze us--the all-time winning basketball streak of 159 games compiled by Passaic (NJ) High School from 1919 to 1925.
In November, the AFI compiled a list of 400 American movies arranged chronologically from the recently recovered 1912 silent ``Richard III'' to 1996's ``Jerry Maguire'' and sent the ballots to a blue-ribbon panel of filmmakers, critics, historians, movie executives, artists and others in the industry.
Recently the results of 224 studies conducted among 8,000 participants over the past 25 years were compiled by researchers at the University of Arizona.
We have not audited, reviewed, or compiled the statement.
com, allows users to search by name for the 33 million people and three million companies it has compiled.