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Compiled by Henry Yule and Arthur Coke Burnell, the dictionary first appeared in 1886 and has been reprinted umpteen times, with one edition published from India in 1984.
Scientists had compiled a long-term climate record for southeastern Australia by analyzing the caves' stalactites.
An example of a custom software package is one compiled from separate modules, such as a payroll program compiled for a particular user to their specifications and written through the use of separate modules, such as the federal module, California module, Mississippi module (or any other state or country) with a specifically designed user reporting package.
Beckett compiled minor breaks of 12,15 and 14 with McDermott replying with breaks of 14,15 and 18.
It's a handsome, coffee-table sized book that's meticulously prepared (like the coach who provided the material) and lovingly compiled (by one of the all-time Vols).
Data are compiled quarterly and annually to determine trends in media coverage, particular media and journalist bias, and the issues that garner the most favorable or unfavorable coverage for the company.
Take the case of a 14thcentury Muslim scholar who compiled a table displaying the qiblah in degrees and minutes for each degree of latitude and longitude difference from Makkah to serve the entire Muslim world.
Spectral tables for four cosmically abundant elements (Ne, Mg, Si, and S) in the wavelength region of interest for the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, which is roughly 2 nm to 17 nm, have been critically compiled with partial support from the Chandra Emission Line Project.
Asked in the afternoon about the idea of using additional fiscal funds for the current fiscal year to provide a safety net for jobless people, Koizumi said, ''We will judge it after seeing various proposals expected to be floated on the issue'' in an economic package to be compiled in mid-October.
Should you use a "live" sample (that is, the actual issue you send your paid subscribers) or a compiled specimen issue?
U-O-S HOW SOLD %M/F UNIVERSE 65885 N/A 100% Compiled N/A 105.
We have not audited, reviewed, or compiled the statement.