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COMPILATION. A literary production, composed of the works of others, and arranged in some methodical manner.
     2. When a compilation requires in its execution taste, learning, discrimination and intellectual labor, it 'is an object of copyright; as, for example, Bacon's Abridgment. Curt. on Copyr. 186.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Genome Compiler provides an all-in-one software platform for genetic engineers, molecular and synthetic biologists.
"We are very excited that with this integration we are able to answer the demand we receive from compiler developers and users," said Marianne Damstra, CCO at Solid Sands.
Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a fabless ASIC/SoC and IP provider, has launched a complete set of cell libraries and memory compilers for UMC's 28nm HPC (High Performance Compact) process.
Developing with the standalone Intel C++ compiler without the NDK build system (ndk-build)
Therefore, the goal was set to develop a new compiler infrastructure that will be a good base for building industrial strength compiler for embedded processors.
With this new release of its VX-toolset, Altium is now driving the industry trend to bring toolsets under the Eclipse IDE, through a plug-in that enables a seamless integration of the compiler tools and the simulator user- interface into the Eclipse framework.
As a result of years of use in the world's most demanding high performance computing centers, the CCE provides customers with a proven, familiar and HPC-optimized compiler for parallel environments.
The time, effort and the dedicated involvement of the artists are the chief reasons for Lucky Compiler's success in presenting thoughtful, rich and eloquent content for its readers.
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a simulation technology that runs as fast as a JIT compiler but with precise cycle-level fidelity.
The regional head of index compiler MSCI said in May that foreign ownership limits in Qatar and the UAE could stand in the way of the Gulf states' gaining emerging market status.