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0 of the EKOPath Compiler Suite continues to extend its performance lead over alternative compiler products.
The C2R Compiler was invented to consume an enormous, robust, open-source C code base," stated Chad Spackman, co-founder and CTO of CebaTech.
Green Hills Software has announced the industry's most efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler and assembler for the ARM family of microprocessor cores.
Nasdaq: VIRL), a leader in embedded memory solutions, has announced the availability of its Custom-Touch (TM) Self-Test and Repair (STAR) compiler in UMC's (NYSE: UMC) 0.
This support allows the compilers to interface with several remote source-level debuggers from other compiler and emulator vendors.
The availability of the rich feature set and advanced capabilities of Etnus TotalView for complex codes, along with the sophisticated compilers Intel offers, will facilitate application development for a broad range of current and new Intel users on Linux," says Rich Collier, Vice President, Engineering, Etnus.
This is the first time that Cray Research compiler technology will be adapted for PCs and Macintoshes," Gates said.
DDC-I is also available to create custom versions of its optimizing compilers and tools for specific applications.
As a result of increasing customer usage and its ability to produce high-quality netlists for implementation, NEC Electronics has adopted Encounter RTL Compiler as part of our ASIC design flow and will support Encounter RTL Compiler for synthesis," said Kazu Yamada, associate vice president, Technology Foundation Development Operation Unit from NEC Electronics.
Encounter RTL Compiler was an integral part of our design flow," said Ravi Bhatnagar, senior vice president of Engineering at Nethra.