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However, the accountants have not directly performed any act that generates financial statements; therefore, Fagan and Best is not required to compile the financial statements generated by the service bureau.
To aid practitioners in their legal research, the 2005 Supplement includes a section that compiles Pike & Fischer's case digests, "Which are our exclusive summaries of the holdings in all DMCA cases decided since the enactment of the statute," Smith explained.
Besides the new Xtensa ISS, Xtensa C/C++ Compiler and XPRES Compiler, Tensilica's comprehensive suite of automation tools includes the TIE (Tensilica Instruction Extension) Compiler, which automatically compiles designer-defined ISA extensions to the Xtensa processor.
The tool efficiently compiles synthesizable SystemC and utilizes available resources on the targeted device to produce efficient hardware implementations.
1 compiles and relays this data to external tools which enable ISPs to translate recorded data to meet their government requirements regardless of which country the end users reside in -- a feature of particular significance to those ISPs with customers in many countries.
The patented Hammer custom-processor architecture compiles Verilog, VHDL or mixed-language designs at 20 to 50 million RTL gate equivalents per hour on a single workstation -- the fastest compilation time in the industry.