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Dave Buggey was the in-form player in this contest compiling a 57 break in his match with Chris Grey.
We are pleased to welcome Cloud Compiling and their true cloud solutions for System z to Destination z," said Marc Smith, IBM Destination z Program Manager.
Budd Rutter, founder at Cloud Compiling, commented, "With our Compiling as a Service solution, we maintain current language compilers for z/OS COBOL, PL/1, Fortran and C/C++, allowing our customers to immediately reduce costly investments in mainframe software licenses, and offset the challenges of a shrinking mainframe-educated work force.
Cloud Compiling's chief development officer Charles Mills, an expert in mainframe product development, will lead a technology session on cloud compiling for the mainframe.
Topics include patching and compiling the Linux kernel, assembling a root file system (RFS) from pre-compiled binary RPMs, cross-compiling a source RPM, adding it to an RFS and more.
For instance, a special version of Crossware's Embedded Development Studio is capable of automatically generating, compiling and executing complex expressions.