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Lune Street B chalked up an excellent 5-1 home win against Guisborough Cons B during which Peter Simpson was the on form player when compiling a 40 break in his match with Mark Stewart.
May an accountant submit draft financial statements without compiling them?
We are pleased to welcome Cloud Compiling and their true cloud solutions for System z to Destination z," said Marc Smith, IBM Destination z Program Manager.
With Cloud Compiling SaaS, we maintain native compilers on our mainframe while our customers install the Cloud Compiling technology on their mainframes.
About Cloud Compiling Whether installed in your private cloud or externally hosted, Cloud Compiling delivers virtual compiling with all of the benefits of cloud computing.
Miller-Valentine's main objective for selecting REquest was to transition its time-consuming reporting processes, consisting of compiling data from a variety of underlying software, to a more productive and efficient processing method.
While traditional compiling techniques utilize only the resources of the host PC, distributed compiling harnesses the collective CPU cycles of an organization's entire collection of computers.
For instance, a special version of Crossware's Embedded Development Studio is capable of automatically generating, compiling and executing complex expressions.
Compiling HDL source files has been improved with intelligent handling of HDL hierarchy, so that the system automatically determines the order and hierarchy of HDL files and compiling is reflected in the project panel.
Although MSCI shall obtain information from sources which MSCI considers reliable, neither MSCI, its affiliates nor any other party involved in the making or compiling of the information guarantees the accuracy and/or the completeness of any of this information.