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For this reason he looked on British imperial expansion with remarkable complacence, and saw no grounds for thinking that it contradicted his paeans to individual liberty.
The high prevalence of accidents on main roads, in companies and even in homes due to carelessness and complacence regarding safety issues in Cameroon accounts for this trend.
At the same time he warned against complacence of banks and drew attention to the fact that banks in the country had the heaviest weighting to the local property market via home loans than any other banking sector in the world.
But the moment I stepped into Ushna in Abu Dhabi, my "been there, done that" culinary complacence swiftly turned into a rousing anticipation.
There is no place for complacence since in absolute numbers; India's HIV figure is still substantial.
He stressed that the leak poses no immediate public heath risk but said that fact should not be an excuse for complacence.
Professional Development in Corrections: Commitment or Complacence, Robert J.
Users are recommended to invest in an anti-virus suite for their Mac systems, despite previous deserved complacence.
None of the authors recall that experience with happy complacence.
But a mix of bad luck and complacence has robbed it of the golden chance to get one over the biggest selling car in India for 7 years.
The superficiality, complacence and carelessness that were the hallmarks of Netanyahu's approach to the flotilla are enough to make one sick.