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"We simply cannot become complacent and accept that it is the norm to wait for years, in some specialties, for elective care appointments with a consultant."
Laure may have said that she and her teammates shouldn't be complacent, but she expressed her confidence in the program head coach Kung Fu Reyes set out for them.
'Another point is that universities tend to become complacent. When they are in the quest to becoming world-class, sometimes they also become complacent and when universities become complacent, it is a recipe for mediocrity as well as failure,' she said.
Hindi pwedeng maging complacent yung mga kababayan natin...
I've already said that City's biggest problem in the Champions League could be the fact they are not tested early or strongly enough, and they could get a little too complacent in later rounds.
"At the moment, we see scores of accidents, incidents, road closures and tailbacks every year of the A19 - vague promises from the Government of studies and schemes just aren't good enough and show the complacent attitude of ministers on this issue."
A bank union in India has accused the central bank of being complacent about banks' customer-unfriendly practices.
'It's [streak] is a major boost to our confidence, but as I always say, we can never be complacent,' Madayag said.
The Tory government was incredibly complacent over weak domestic productivity, with Mr Hammond already losing the most important battle over continued membership of the EU's internal market.
He added: "I think he (Mr Corbyn) has been complacent about misogyny, about anti-Semitism, about homophobic abuse in the Labour Party.
To illustrate that good enough simply isn't good enough, when Shaikh Mohammad was just starting out as a serious equestrian owner, he could've easily become complacent. By 1979, only two years after his first victory, he had already amassed 11 wins.
The Green Davao Coalition, a collective group of environmentalists says they will not be complacent despite Mayor Rodrigo Dutertes veto of the City Land Use Plan amendment.