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The report notes that congressional inactivity has resulted in an increase in regulations and opines that Congress has complacently handed its authority over to unelected agency officials.
But you'll never hear a parable again quite so complacently.
He said: "Ministers complacently claim the economy is fixed but most people are not feeling the recovery.
God help us to not complacently snuggle into His arms, stick our little thumbs into our mouths, and wonder what the fuss is all about.
over-age, overrated and living complacently on past glories.
Scotland and the North of England are more closely aligned by their social democratic and communitarian instincts than is either to the corrupt regime of metropolitan fat-cat elites who squat complacently in the south east and have the temerity to assume that they know what is best for all.
Curtis, a long-time shameless magpie with other people's ideas, even complacently plunders his own material - recreating the wedding dress scene from Four Weddings And A Funeral.
The problem is exacerbated by certain groups of disadvantaged and generally uninformed people not asserting their legal right and gathering at crossings complacently while the automotives hoon past.
However, a close circuit footage at the television showed that a single man wearing white shirt shot inside the stationary van and walked off complacently.
can complacently stand aside from regional situations like Libya last year or Syria this year, while the communications revolution keeps the entire world informed daily of violence and human suffering.
A complacently conservative acceptance sometimes seems to blanket all of "56 Up," as if maturity entails a serene blessing of the status quo.
Standing complacently on the beach while a man is drowning is the same as holding him down while he goes under.