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ISLAMABAD -- National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) received 1241 complains of human rights violations during last two years including 322 Suo Motu notices and 919 complains from general public within time period of December 2015 to December 2017.
His response to my explaining the situation, politely and honestly, and that I wanted to complain, was 'you go ahead honey'.
Elderly people often rely on relatives to raise concerns when things go wrong with hospital care, the PHSO said, but a new poll found that some family members find it difficult to complain.
Consumers complain of trouble resolving problems: Consumers complained that when they submitted claims about stolen funds, they experienced prolonged investigations, leaving them unable to access the funds on their frozen account.
Complain in writing to the head teacher, the school's Board of Governors or the Department for Education.
Some of the counsellors didn't appreciate the way the director was leading, so they started to complain.
Even when people did complain, just 31% were satised with the way their grievance was handled and half (48%) felt their complaint was ignored.
I can complain that he always asks why or I can choose help him begin to satisfy his insatiable curiosity about the world around us.
The exasperated caller rang to complain they were unhappy about their newly-fitted bathroom and wanted to know what police were going to do about it.
WELL done to Ingrid - she's not afraid to complain and get what she wants.
NUISANCE calls and texts cause misery to the lives of millions of people, yet less than a fifth of us officially complain about them.
NNA - AN-NAHAR: Sleiman files complain against Syria Berri to Rai: If you want 1960 law then let it be Army contains clashes in Sidon "Future" accuses "Hezbollah" of Sidon clashes March 14 forces raise memorandum to Sleiman and Friday extension of Parliament's terms becomes effective ASSAFIR: Extension of Parliament's term on ruins of "Constitutional Council".