complain against

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MULTAN -- Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has decided to move a complain against SHO City Police station Mian Channu for registering fake case against an official, instead of extending cooperation during a crackdown against illegal cable operators.
When asked that if he had any complain against anyone because provision of funds has been delayed long despite of the approval of the IPC ministry, Rana said he had no complain against anyone and hoped that hurdles would be removed soon.
Students, teachers and parents came in huge numbers to tell complain against the V- C.
The cook claimed he was reluctant to complain against them for fear of losing his job.
I would like to clarify that my intention was not to blame or complain against owners of Capital Garage.
NNA - AN-NAHAR: Sleiman files complain against Syria Berri to Rai: If you want 1960 law then let it be Army contains clashes in Sidon "Future" accuses "Hezbollah" of Sidon clashes March 14 forces raise memorandum to Sleiman and Friday extension of Parliament's terms becomes effective ASSAFIR: Extension of Parliament's term on ruins of "Constitutional Council".
The hackers also asked the government file complain against Shadoow008 to Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).
Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed that the new bill mainly affect the Palestinians who want to submit issues of compensation against the Israeli army, and the immigrants in Israel who do not have passports would be prevented from going to the labour courts to file complaints against their employers if they were injured in road accidents, go to the courts if they were arrested or even complain against the Israeli Interior Ministry if they were to be deported from Israel.
The couple lived in Iran for the past nine years, so the woman had been unable to complain against her husband, the prosecutor said.
We are mulling to lodge a police complain against the fans who had tried to jeer Yuvraj when he had come out to provide drinks during the match," he said.
We'll go to the Cabinet to complain against these rising prices, which had beggared the majority of the population of this country," said Essam el-Sherif, the official spokesman for the group.
Letters and are editor's I NOTE, with regret, that Plaid Cymru intend to officially complain against the low-flying aircraft that from time to time exercise over mid and north Wales.