complain publicly

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She said she found at least three others - including a UO professor who fractured his knee and a woman who was injured while riding her bicycle on one of the curbs - though none of the others has stepped forward to complain publicly.
It may be painful to hear residents complain publicly, but a smart owner will take those complaints seriously and encourage its employees to learn from the criticism and make the company better.
He won't resign and he's never going to complain publicly about his boss - who in their right mind would
Most heads and teachers are too frightened to complain publicly for fear of their jobs being in jeopardy.
Regardless of who is the president, a commerce minister will always complain publicly about the oil companies increasing prices, which has become a regular occurrence in the last decade.
Twitter and Facebook are making it easy for dissatisfied customers to complain publicly.
His act of despair gave courage to his family and clan -- the feelings are still strong in the area -- as well as to other people in Sidi Bouzid to complain publicly and air their grievances, despite the strong police stance on not disturbing public order.
I was happy with the squad I assembled this summer given the money I had, and I am never one to complain publicly about that because I have a great group of lads who are very tight together," he said.
He went on to complain publicly that troops were risking their lives for worse pay than traffic wardens.
The administration's effort is being accompanied by greater willingness by US lawmakers to complain publicly about settlements, but it has been complicated by an unwritten agreement on the issue between Israel and the United States reached during the Bush administration.
Bush's generals are so frustrated that they've begun to complain publicly about the fecklessness of Iraq's leaders.