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A plaintiff; a person who commences a civil lawsuit against another, known as the defendant, in order to remedy an alleged wrong. An individual who files a written accusation with the police charging a suspect with the commission of a crime and providing facts to support the allegation and which results in the criminal prosecution of the suspect.

Once the suspect is indicted, the state becomes the complainant since the alleged wrong is considered a crime against the state.

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n. a person or entity who begins a lawsuit by filing a complaint, and is usually called the plaintiff, or in some cases the petitioner. (See: complaint, plaintiff, petitioner)

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the person who makes a criminal complaint in England. See COMPLAINER.
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COMPLAINANT. One who makes a complaint. A plaintiff in a suit in chancery is so called.

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As per the affidavit of the complainant judge, the accused Nasir Butt met him and threatened him regarding [the] revelation of subject video by accused Nasir Janjua.
When the complainant's father received a video of his son in the police patrol, he asked him to report the incident to the police.
After receipt of money, the buyer started avoiding the complainant and asked for more money from the complainant on different pretexts.
The findings of the Federal Tax Ombudsman in this case showed that administrative excesses for improper motives, neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, ineptitude and inefficiency in the discharge of duties and responsibility and as a consequence unlawful recovery of tax liability outstanding against a private limited concern from the bank account of the complainant tantamount to maladministration.
He noted it is admitted fact that the complainant was an unmarried girl of age 15/16 years and the suspects did not disclose any old enmity behind their implication in the present case.
The report further stated that after the death of Waqar, the complainant tried to take over the management of affairs of his business but she was not allowed to do so as the offices of the company and record of the project was withheld by Butt, Munir Warraich, Rana Iftikhar and Muhammad Masood illegally.
In the year 2009, the prosecution said, the complainant returned from overseas to develop the plots of land, but another person showed up claiming ownership.
On December 27, the complainant told police he travelled and checked in at the hotel and after the five days he was shocked when the management refused to check him out.
Bamford pleaded guilty to the stalking charge in January, but the defendant and the complainant had to give evidence before a judge last month so he could decide the full circumstances of the offending.
David Pugh, prosecuting, said there had been "some bad feeling" between Carling and the complainant, who lived in the same block of flats in Pentwyn.
Newcastle Crown Court heard that the complainant then started to get tired and fell asleep under an blanket when McConnell allegedly started groping his thigh and groin area.