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A plaintiff; a person who commences a civil lawsuit against another, known as the defendant, in order to remedy an alleged wrong. An individual who files a written accusation with the police charging a suspect with the commission of a crime and providing facts to support the allegation and which results in the criminal prosecution of the suspect.

Once the suspect is indicted, the state becomes the complainant since the alleged wrong is considered a crime against the state.

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n. a person or entity who begins a lawsuit by filing a complaint, and is usually called the plaintiff, or in some cases the petitioner. (See: complaint, plaintiff, petitioner)

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the person who makes a criminal complaint in England. See COMPLAINER.
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COMPLAINANT. One who makes a complaint. A plaintiff in a suit in chancery is so called.

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"It is our position that there are as many crimes for Reckless Imprudence as the number of children," said the complainants.
The Regional Ombudsman, Khawaja Saifur Rehman said that for the immediate redressal, the office of the Federal Ombudsman dispatch the complaint to concerned department while the complainant is also informed through sending him an SMS.
"In order to prove constructive discharge, Complainant must show that her employment was, in effect, terminated because the situation at her workplace became so intolerable that a reasonable person would have felt compelled to resign.
'In spite of the knowledge regarding the collapsing investments and suspicious default payments of Mendoza, respondent continued to accommodate and accept the investments of complainants up to May 2014,' the Court said.
'The purpose of the new system is to facilitate the complainant so that he/she knows that his/her case is registered and contact [has been] established,' the PTI tweeted.
The accused told the first complainant to surrender the keys and and leave the compound.
They said they fought against intimidation and that the complainant shouldn't dare them.
The court heard that the complainant raised concerns about how the defendant was looking after her dog, leading to an argument.
Unknown to the suspects, the complainants sought the help of a radio station to notify authorities, which later conducted an entrapment operation.
It said that according to operational methodology of the Bureau, after receipt of application, verification of complaint is conducted to ascertain genuineness and veracity of the contents of complaint by calling complainant.
The complainant was in a care home in Manchester at the time, and Mr Noonan was then 16 or 17, the jury were told.