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The participants complained that due to the water shortage, their crops are getting damaged, their soil is becoming barren and they are facing a huge economic loss.
They complained that the rates were increased after the recent rain and snowfall.
I wouldn't have complained if he'd used the term in a familial or affectionate way.
They didn't know who to complain to, so they complained to me.
Complaints about registering prepaid cards: Consumer complained about difficulty registering and using their cards after purchasing them.
The figures also show that people in England complained twice as much about ads than those in Northern Ireland.
They also complained that there were no boundary wall, clean drinking water and electricity facilities in the Chonech school due to which the female students are facing many difficulties.
Akbar Hussain complained of the independent monitors raids on school and reporting absence of watchmen while they have had completed their duty hours already.
Clients complained of not being able to conduct ATM and Internet transactions.
2 A woman complained that she had no window in her inside cabin and demanded that someone come and 'install' one for her.
Iran has periodically complained before about other Asian teams giving Iran third-rate hotel rooms and poor quality practice fields, on one occasion complaining that the hosts assigned them to a field without lights so they couldn't practice after sunset.
The woman who complained about the loudness of the sea said that she had not been able to sleep well on her Mediterranean cruise and she demanded cabins to be "better sound-proofed against the sounds of the sea".