complained of

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The viceroy, during all the time he was engaged in this expedition, heard very provoking accounts of the bad conduct of his wife, and complained of it to the Emperor, entreating him either to punish his daughter himself, or to permit him to deliver her over to justice, that, if she was falsely accused, she might have an opportunity of putting her own honour and her husband's out of dispute.
The Sheep and the Goat complained of his distressing cries, saying, "He often handles us, and we do not cry out.
A BROOMSTICK which had long served a witch as a steed complained of the nature of its employment, which it thought degrading.
He was as red as fire, and as hot to touch, and he always sat on the hearth quite close to the fire, and complained of the cold; if his sister were in the room he almost crept into the flames, while the girl on her part always complained of the great heat if her brother were anywhere near.
But still, when I omitted writing, he complained of my neglect.
Tailor Amjad Ali complained of losses in business due to unscheduled loadshedding and said many tailors and their helpers were laid off by their employers.
Kameel Khan complained of distribution the Insaf Food Package Cards by the farmer councilors among blue eyed and also complained of sale of less weight fertilizer in market.
Clients complained of not being able to conduct ATM and Internet transactions.
She also complained of an increase in duties to raise benchmarks in work output.
Meanwhile, the consumers also complained of misconduct from bank officials of National Bank.
Nearly one in five people (18%) complained of neighbours making a mess, such as around communal bins, 10% complained of bad smells and 7% were unhappy about water damage.