complained of

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He was as red as fire, and as hot to touch, and he always sat on the hearth quite close to the fire, and complained of the cold; if his sister were in the room he almost crept into the flames, while the girl on her part always complained of the great heat if her brother were anywhere near.
He now enquired for the messenger; but Blifil told him it had been impossible to detain him a moment; for he appeared by the great hurry he was in to have some business of importance on his hands; that he complained of being hurried and driven and torn out of his life, and repeated many times, that if he could divide himself into four quarters, he knew how to dispose of every one.
The King, who affected to appear ignorant of the whole affair, demanded an account of the injuries I complained of, and told me that if any of his subjects should dare to attempt our lives, it should cost him his own.
When a guest complained of the fare in the hotel dining room or one of the girls who made up the beds got married and went away, he stamped on the floor and swore.
Kameel Khan complained of distribution the Insaf Food Package Cards by the farmer councilors among blue eyed and also complained of sale of less weight fertilizer in market.
Clients complained of not being able to conduct ATM and Internet transactions.
She also complained of an increase in duties to raise benchmarks in work output.
Meanwhile, the consumers also complained of misconduct from bank officials of National Bank.
Nearly one in five people (18%) complained of neighbours making a mess, such as around communal bins, 10% complained of bad smells and 7% were unhappy about water damage.
Three dozen people were examined Thursday after students and staffers at Rosemont Middle School complained of stinging eyes and difficulty breathing, officials said.
reported that 40% of their patients complained of fatigue, 63% complained of weight gain, and 35% complained of low libido.
He complained of cough, postnasal drip, and recurrent sinus infections.