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Jaitley said the consumers are not complaining about Goods and Services Tax (GST) because the government has kept the rates at reasonable levels.
During my trying month, I realized that smartphones and other computers are the ultimate complaining enablers.
Just under half (46%) said complaining merely added to their stress.
And now I'm complaining about their complaining about Bernstein complaining about their complaining.
Iran has periodically complained before about other Asian teams giving Iran third-rate hotel rooms and poor quality practice fields, on one occasion complaining that the hosts assigned them to a field without lights so they couldn't practice after sunset.
Reasons include fear of making a scene, feeling uncomfortable asking for a discount and feeling they are no good at complaining.
The PR professional, currently promoting Tees health services, featured on the Daily Mail online, where she told how her complaining career began when a hotel chain mixed up nearly every room for her wedding.
If you think your friend is right to complain about your complaining, then she did you a favor.
I CAN'T believe all these people who are complaining about having to spend forever going through security at airports now due to the increased terror threat.
Although I traditionally have had little interest in politics, several years ago I decided that if I were going to continue complaining, I had better actually do something.
The Clinton scandals found Schlesinger greatly exaggerating the demise of the imperial presidency and complaining that Independent Counsel Ken Starr had left the executive branch "harried and enfeebled.