complaining party

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eu if the complaint procedure is not satisfactory to the complaining party, It has the right to address the (remaining) complaints to the competent court seated in brussels (belgium).
In case of any complaint by the injured party which may be insured or any other interest party or even an Insurer the SECP may direct to get the claim surveyed by another surveyor with their approval on the expenses of Insurers to decide the issue of claim provided that the complaining party would prove that the primary surveyor has not acted with due diligence and the survey report is not based on fair and independent opinion rather unjust.
Faced with the prospect of incurring delays in the completion of the project due to a congressional investigation-which could result in additional operating costs or, worse, liquidated damages for failure to meet the deadline for completion-the winning bidder had no choice but settle with the complaining party.
For purposes of triggering insurance coverage, the prevailing rule is that the time of the occurrence of an accident is when the complaining party was actually damaged or injured and not the time when the wrongful act was committed.
In this sense, the complaining party has already disregarded the very norm that he seeks to invoke.
Arbitration can only be ordered, he wrote, if the complaining party can vindicate his or her statutory rights in the arbitration forum.
Murguia, dwelled on a provision of the law which requires a DMCA takedown notification to include a "statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
12) The allegedly improper argument must have been made during closing argument, (13) the complaining party failed to object to or move for a mistrial on the basis of the allegedly improper argument, (14) and the complaining party challenged with specificity the unobjected-to argument in the motion for new trial.
If you have a complaining party who's unwilling to file a complaint and unwilling to go to the local professionalism panel, that situation puts the committee in a difficult position," commission member Jack Brandon said.
It provided that "an unlawful employment practice is established when the complaining party demonstrates that race, color, religion, sex or national origin was a motivating factor for any employment practice even though other factors also motivated the practice.
Curiously, while the Court did not hold the contested speech to be government speech, the Court nevertheless dismissed the First Amendment coerced commercial expression claim because of the lack of a factual showing of attribution by the complaining party.