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It is the soul-elevating idea that no man can consider himself entitled to complain of Fate while in his adversity he still retains the unwavering love of woman.
Thus Achilles, in Homer, complains of Agamemnon's treating him like an unhonoured stranger; for a stranger or sojourner is one who does not partake of the honours of the state: and whenever the right to the freedom of the city is kept obscure, it is for the sake of the inhabitants.
It was at this college that he had sketched out what he called his studies, and, through a scholar's teasing habit which still lingered in him, he never passed the façade without inflicting on the statue of Cardinal Pierre Bertrand, sculptured to the right of the portal, the affront of which Priapus complains so bitterly in the satire of Horace,
That's the sort of behavior my mother complains of.
The palace is entirely built of many-coloured glasses, and is quite the loveliest of all royal residences, but the queen sometimes complains because the common people will peep in to see what she is doing.
After a turn round the room, she complains of fatigue.
Suppose a share assessed to each person of one or two francs for the consumption of salt and you obtain ten or a dozen millions; the modern "gabelle" disappears, the poor breathe freer, agriculture is relieved, the State receives as much, and no tax-payer complains.
He complains that he never got more than a third of them right and the teacher has marked him away down; but one cannot keep resolutions without some inconvenience.
Meno complains that the conversation of Socrates has the effect of a torpedo's shock upon him.
Why, she complains of suffering from the fright of last night,' said the lady.
She lies on her bed, complains of numberless different ills, and does not know what ails her.
Ye've smoked as many as five since ye come in at midnight,' the woman goes on, as she chronically complains.