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Among these reported cases, Punjab remained highest with 514 cases including 369 complains and 145 Suo Motu notices, followed by Sindh from where 255 cases were registered including 218 complains and 37 Suo Moto notices.
Secondly, he complains about the grit on his shoes dirtying his carpets.
What situation caused you to complain and what people or organizations played a role in that situation
Juan seems to complain a lot about other drivers,'' Schumacher said.
Women frequently complain of fatigue, weight gain, and decreased libido, Dr.
Although the complaints came from both sexes, many races, a variety of ages, and all socioeconomic groups, a profile developed for the person most likely to complain about police conduct.
On the other hand, if people complain and there is no basis under the law, it will be very difficult for an owner to get them out.
Hoover complains that the low number of trained religion reporters leads to "a lot of reinventing the wheel" in religion coverage.
It is noteworthy that she only complains to you, while sparing the rest of the staff from her whining.
ISLAMABAD, September 22, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (MOSW&SE) has established a complain cell to register the complains of deserving people and provide appropriate help to them.
While the group complains about Mayor Richard Riordan and the City Council, its Web page also attacks the Engineers and Architects Association union, for failing to adequately represent the disgruntled employees.