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According to Sulaimanov, no signs of torture were found on the body of the detainee, who had no complains about law enforcement officers.
DG NAB ordered prompt inquiry in light of the complains, firstly to find the authenticity of the complaint and the complainant and a resolution of the matter afterward.
Among these reported cases, Punjab remained highest with 514 cases including 369 complains and 145 Suo Motu notices, followed by Sindh from where 255 cases were registered including 218 complains and 37 Suo Moto notices.
Secondly, he complains about the grit on his shoes dirtying his carpets.
The Foundation site at has a number of resources related to airline complains, including an online form for submitting a complaint to the DOT.
Templeton complains about the frequency of post-Cold War military campaigns and pointedly asks how many of them have been worth "spilling American blood." He also notes that Allen's plan to spray defoliant on San Pascuale's coca fields will ruin a lot of poor farmers who have no other option for feeding their families.
RALF SCHUMACHER claims Williams teammate Juan Pablo Montoya complains too much about clashes on the track.
He complains that the Mexican jobs jumped to China, hardly a result of NAFTA.
Take Elaine Lewis, who complains of the cost of bilingual forms - can she explain to us why those who complain about the alleged 'cost' of Welsh never complain about the cost of anything else, such as war (it costs us pounds 200m per month!), subsidising failing train companies, general bureaucracy, etc etc?
In his rather odd letter complaining about the use of the term Dark Continent (Letters, January 2003), Mr Campbell complains about a label he admits he knows nothing about, on behalf of people who are perfectly capable of complaining themselves.
When a patient complains of these symptoms, he recommends asking her about other symptoms of depression.