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There are two problems with this complaisance, though.
Despite the company's consistently impressive numbers and aggressive growth plans, management views its performance with anything but complaisance and has launched a new initiative, dubbed Project Infinity, designed to take it to a new level while bracing for macroeconomic headwinds.
They recognized how at its best his dissenting voice had challenged the complaisance of an increasingly illiberal American world, challenging the fatuities and suppressions of his time and place.
The sordidness of this episode and her parents' complaisance beggars belief.
policymakers does not, in retrospect, look more like complaisance.
The FDA only lifted its backside momentarily off the cushion of complaisance because the British Committee on Safety of Medicines concluded last year that the "risks of treating depressive illness in under 18s with certain SSRIs outweigh the benefits of treatment.
Jacques Carion ouvre son propos par un constat teinte de reproche, devenu au fil des ans l'un des lieux communs de la metacritique gracquienne : a savoir la preponderance des etudes thematiques de l'oeuvre de Julien Gracq sur les autres approches envisageables, favorisee par la complaisance supposee de l'oeuvre etudiee.
Ce texte exigeant, construit sans aucune complaisance, situe et definit les concepts de base que sont le messianisme et la metaphysique.
It is also interesting that Kaellis cites the fact that Faurisson was found guilty of falsifying history with such complaisance.
Referring to ''One Man's Bible,'' the academy said: ''Gao Xingjian's writing is free of any kind of complaisance, even to good will.
was struck out in complaisance to South Carolina and Georgia, who had never attempted to restrain the importation of slaves, and who, on the contrary, still wished to continue it.
Through the real difficulties of his diocese," Womack writes, "through some long suppressed powers in him that now came out and through the amazing first session of Vatican II [1962], he lost his sound complaisance toward ecclesiastic, economic and social hierarchs and began to sense God working on his own among the Indians.

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