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Al-Mahdi, who is accused of complaisance with the regime by opposition forces, activists and rebel groups calls since the independence of South Sudan for a negotiated political change in the country through a comprehensive and inclusive conference to debate all the issues of the country.
But when Haroon denies he's fathered her baby and insists she have an abortion, Jhurmur is roused out of her complaisance and plots her revenge.
Des lors, nouveaux angles d'attaque du gouvernement: instaurer un jour de carence (delai avant le paiement des IJ en cas d'arret) pour les fonctionnaires qui, contrairement aux salaries du prive, n'y sont pas assujettis et faire rembourser des IJ indues par tous les salaries, du prive comme du public, ayant beneficie d'arrets maladie de complaisance.
Philip Resnick condemns the complaisance of too many respected intellectuals happily willing to accept Muammar Gaddafi's petrodollar-based honours along with the condition that they overlook the dark side of his regime.
As for the revolutions' impact on the relationship between the Arab world and the United States, Khalidi said that even though things will not change overnight, "no one in Washington can rely on the complaisance and submissiveness toward Israel and the United States," since Arab public opinion now matters.
There are two problems with this complaisance, though.
They recognized how at its best his dissenting voice had challenged the complaisance of an increasingly illiberal American world, challenging the fatuities and suppressions of his time and place.
Apparently displeased that the preceding discussion of the results by other executives might have signaled complaisance over the disappointing performance, Scott was at pains to correct the impression.
The sordidness of this episode and her parents' complaisance beggars belief.
policymakers does not, in retrospect, look more like complaisance.
Jacques Carion ouvre son propos par un constat teinte de reproche, devenu au fil des ans l'un des lieux communs de la metacritique gracquienne : a savoir la preponderance des etudes thematiques de l'oeuvre de Julien Gracq sur les autres approches envisageables, favorisee par la complaisance supposee de l'oeuvre etudiee.
It is also interesting that Kaellis cites the fact that Faurisson was found guilty of falsifying history with such complaisance. One would have thought that for a Canadian there might be a momentary reflection on a law giving the state authority to determine historical truth, but this bit of French Stalinism doesn't bother Kaellis at all because a bad guy was condemned under it.

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