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The GPA ethos takes spirited children and pushes them to be hard working but complaisant.
Certains se filment en solitaire pour apprivoiser l'image de leur corps avec le miroir complaisant ou complice de la camera.
it must not see security in military and weapon terms only, China will likely to sell arms, after all we pay for it, but it must not be complaisant that China will help during wars with india.
They are very complaisant and willingly show all the things of interest in the monasteries.
Le (trop) bref texte specifiquement dedie a l'exercice (<< Les annees Bloomberg : regards critiques >> aux pages 32-33) ne suffit pas a compenser un ton qui se revele franchement complaisant.
Pour la premiere fois, un recepteur non susceptible d'etre complaisant par amitie, etait mis en face de l'emetteur
not to be complaisant nor complicit with Israeli violations and crimes,"
You may take it as a general rule that you will not lose a friend by refusing him a loan, but that you are very likely to do so by granting it; and, for similar reasons, you will not readily alienate people by being somewhat proud and careless in your behavior; but if you are very kind and complaisant toward them, you will often make them arrogant and intolerable, and so a breach will ensue'.
Borbones que gobernaron bastante mal Espana si recordamos al pobre cocu complaisant que fue Carlos IV, o sea compa, el del Caballito, el abominable Fernando Vil, la frivolona Isabel II de amplia carnadura y casada con aquel celebre maricon de la Corte a quien ella misma llamaba la Paquita.
If you have chosen your halting place wisely, he will probably be complaisant, while warning you not to be long; if the place is not suitable, the policeman will usually help by suggesting where you may stop.
He describes his Northern Irish Protestant brethren as feeling they were "part of a beleaguered minority who found no sympathy in the wider world," this despite having the power of the British state at their back and a complaisant Reagan signing an extraordinary extradition treaty, at Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's request, aimed principally at the IRA.

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