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Lucas Bersamin simply wrote his own opinions, which recognizably were favorable to his patron Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and his complaisant colleagues in the Supreme Court endorsed those opinions willingly and gladly to become laws of this afflicted land.
The world stands back, impassive, content and complaisant.
'I did not queue for bribe, I am complaisant with whatever I earn as a Member of Parliament,' he said.
To strengthen internal accountability, annual confidential reports should be replaced by performance and complaisant appraisals.
To strengthen internal accountability, ACRs could be replaced with performance and complaisant appraisals.
"Such complaisant friends as current director of the Anti-Corruption Service push President Jeenbekov to a dangerous path.
However, those who do not want another Middle East war should not grow complaisant should America stay in the JCPOA.
SYNONYMS: obedient, acquiescent, compliant, tractable, amenable, complaisant, cooperative, dutiful, submissive.
Assad's regime, under the complaisant eyes of its allies, Russia and Iran, is continuing with full impunity, the bombing of villages, civilians, hospitals and ambulances - as well as dropping chemical weapons." "We cannot stand by and watch the Butcher of Damascus exterminate his own people, and getting rid of all opposition, while Russia is continuing to undermine the United Nations (UN) credibility and mocking the international community," he added.
Le president du club egyptien du Zamalek, Mortadha Mansour, a annonce le retrait de son equipe du championnat d'Egypte de football "en raison de la poursuite de l'arbitrage maison, complaisant et corrompu", affirmant qu'il defendra "les droits du Zamalek".
Following a short stint off-Broadway in 1961, he won critical acclaim in Graham Greene's comedy The Complaisant Lover.

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