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Complement inhibition is the only mechanism known to slow the rate of progression of dry AMD, as shown by Genentech / Roche with lampalizumab in a Phase II clinical trial (MAHALO) published in 2013.
Although limited by the small number of isolates and using chicken serum as opposed to human serum, this study did not demonstrate that the presence of cpa in Cronobacter sakazakii was associated with the ability to survive in the presence of active complement.
Complement proteins mark both bacterial and dying host cells for elimination by the body's cellular cleanup services and have been implicated in at least 30 diseases, including stroke, myocardial infarction, and age-related macular degeneration.
Title: Complement C3 Inhibitor POT-4 for AMD When: Friday, November 7 at 9:01 AM EST Location: Hall A-3 Session Room Session: Retina 2008: Vistas and Viewpoints Section II: AMD, Part II
The idea that abstract grammatical structures such as particular complement clause types may be meaning-bearing is quite natural in construction-based theories of grammar.
For example, TS(7) = 3, because 7 divides (10 - 3) * (10 - 2) * (10 - 1); and 7 does not divide (10's complement factorial of m) for m < 3.
SGI Origin 300 includes the revolutionary SGI NUMAflex shared-memory architecture for high-productivity computing (HPC) and complements the SGI technology already in use in Sikorsky's Advanced Design Infrastructure group to maintain a next-generation, transparent heterogeneous computing environment.
summarized the online resources that complement the print newsletter (a summary that, with adjustments, could serve as a web site developer's checklist):
This book provides an up-to-date overview of complement reactions and functions with an emphasis on current approaches to specific modulation of the complement system as a therapeutic means.
Notice that the nonfinite complements, here represented categorically by the present participial, generally indicate a direct physical observation of the action of the complement (7a) while the finite complement may be understood either as a direct physical observation (8a) or as an indirect cognition (8b) (for further detail on a "physical" versus a "cognitive" interpretation, see Givon; Kirsner and Thompson).
TP20, the product name for sCR1sLex, combines a complement inhibitor with the sLex carbohydrate in a single molecule.
Complement - needed here - shares no meaning with compliment.