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The company discovers and develops peptides and small molecules to target key components of the complement cascade.
As we know, there are three pathways to activate complement system in human body, including classic pathway, alternative pathway, and mannose-binding lectin pathway.
The frightening scenario for a product developer (in this case, Apple) is negotiating with a provider of the killer complement (in this case, Google).
Of the Cronobacter sakazakii isolates tested, there was one found to possess cpa that was resistant to the active complement and nine that possessed the gene that were inhibited by the active complement.
Ralph and Sally Weaver Professor of Research Medicine at Penn, and Piet Gros at Utrecht, detail the atomic structure of two key transient enzyme complexes in the human complement system.
leprae preparations did not consume complement unless disrupted.
These facts have led to extensive debate on the meaning structure of complement sentences, and, in particular, the nature of the contribution of complement-taking predicates and complement clause types to the overall meaning of the sentence.
Let TS(n) be the smallest integer m such that n divides the (10's complement factorial of m.
SGI Origin 300 Complements Computing Infrastructure for Design and Development of World-Class Helicopters
In plasma, complement C4 is cleared rapidly and that is why assays of serum C4 have not been useful in diagnosing or managing systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Dr.
The Newsletter Awards Competition, sponsored by The Newsletter on Newsletters, featured a new category in 2001 --the Special Synergy Award for Best Use of Online Resources to Complement Print Publications.