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However, if we assume energy conservation, the scintillation and OSL/TSL properties can be connected, and they should be complementarily related.
The serum level of IgG4 of Case 1 was complementarily analyzed and found to be mildly elevated as most of previous reports.
Hence, the accuracy of detection of cervical abnormalities is higher when cytology, colposcopy and colposcopic directed cervical biopsy are used complementarily in the evaluation of women with unhealthy cervix.
Since the net worths of the sectors work complementarily, the financial accelerator effect is reinforced by a deterioration of the FIs' net worth, together with the net worth of the entrepreneurs.
The book then turns to public relations issues at the time regarding suspicion of computers, and the very successful work of the Charles Eames office in advertising computers to the public as simultaneously and complementarily natural and magical.
Complementarily to the P-value, Cohen's (4) measure of effect size was used and the same cutoff values adopted to categorize the magnitude treatment effect, as follows: 0.
Your own role must operate complementarily to the prison system so as to contribute to the preparation of convicts for smooth integration and active participation in society," said Anastasiades.
Furthermore, the data presented suggests that the main application of the faecal analysis is to access the composition of the diet of study subjects complementarily to the data collected through behavioural monitoring, especially for species that prey on insects.
In an opinion study commissioned by the association last summer, likely voters who are engaged and aware when it comes to current events indicated through their responses an appreciation for the need to address drug abuse and drug access complementarily.
According to the market complementarily analysis conducted by the TDAP there are large number of products which Pakistan is exporting in large volumes to the world and the Central Asian Republics are importing the same products from other global sources.
According to the agreement, AIIB and ADB will strengthen cooperation, including co-financing, at the strategic and technical levels on the basis of complementarily, value added, institutional strengths and comparative advantages, and mutual benefit.
In MOSFET-based inverters synchronous rectifying is used, which means that high-side and low-side switches are controlled complementarily in order to bypass their diode and minimize reverse conduction losses.