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If a complementary medicine has been traditionally used without demonstrating harm, a review of the relevant literature should be provided.
A number of workshops will also be held in the Supreme Council of Health to raise the public's awareness about important facts regarding complementary medicine, its history, impacts and how it is regulated around the world.
The ministry officials revealed that in coordination with specialised organisations from other Gulf countries, it was studying a price regulation mechanism for all types of complementary medicines such as herbal products, supplements and medical cosmetics.
7) In another study, there were six adverse events for TCM out of 304 complementary medicine users.
The fourth death was of a child who needed blood-clotting drugs but was given complementary medicine instead.
Vincent Di Stefano writes in this issue of the Townsend Letter about holism and complementary medicine.
I was open to some of these new treatments and actually received Reiki and acupuncture in a failed attempt to delay surgery until after the summer, but many physicians feel that complementary medicine is, at worst, unsafe, and at best, useless.
Terry Cullen, chairman of the British Complementary Medicine Association, said Prof Baum's letter was "frustrating".
NHS Trusts have been urged by a group of British scientists to reject the use of complementary medicine and use funds for treatments "based on solid evidence", it was reported today.
programs include complementary medicine in one or more of their required courses.
Researchers believe that more than a third of all Americans employ some form of alternative or complementary medicine as part of their health care regimen.
Complementary medicine strives to maintain a holistic balance by presenting options to individuals.

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