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Dunne commented, "This extraordinary trophy development is the highest quality residential project in the region, complemented by dramatic views of Long' Island Sound and Manhattan, a large array of downtown White Plains amenities including the retail at City Center and the Westchester Mall (820,460 SF), and within a 32 minute train ride of Midtown Manhattan."
And the Verb, is it not Complemented Only by the Complement?" (Michel Maillard); "What if We Reapplied a Regimen to Grammar?" (Alain Berrendonner); "Verbal Complementation: A Short Introduction to Verbal Valency" (Claire Blanche-Benveniste); "Are the Main Dividing Lines in French Grammar to be Explained Through a Description of Portuguese and Spanish Grammar?" (Maria-Elisete Almeida);"The French 'Faire': A Syntactic, Semantic, and Contrastive Approach (French/Bulgarian)" (Iva Novakova); "French Speakers Faced with the German Language: A Hopeless Case?" (Anton Naf); "Quotation and Verbal Complementation in Text Elaboration for Students of French as a Second Language" (Therese Jeanneret); and "Should Past Participle Agreement Rules be Relaxed?" (Marie-Jose Beguelin).
These are based on and are tailored, configured and complemented by SAP channel partners.